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What to do? M f& MM Searchings!

Post by opalsunrise23 » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:25 pm

I'm bored and I want like one more roleplay to pass time with?

I like a lot of tropes and I'd say I'm not very picky about what I do either except there can't be a lot of drug talk? Huge trigger for me so - anything but that works lovely. Majority of my characters have soft sides hidden behind a very crunchy exterior. It takes awhile for people to like them I think.

I have a few ideas but not many but I'm sure I will make a few more too. Not really good at these things at all!

Some ideas I usually do are like:
Bully x target
Vampire shit
BDSM stuff
No fandom things unless all original characters
Fantasy ideas

Plot bunny 1:

Fifteen years ago the small town of Edensville completely changed. The small town was not prepared that day when a mysterious craft crash landed in their high school's football field. News reports sounded within moments and everyone's television sets were blaring about the strange craft, warning residents to steer clear of the blast zone. Those who lived near the school were told to evacuate the area and a curfew was enacted. Within an hour the military arrived, tanks, guns, soldiers were all on the ground. Adults who were in the police force, or retired military were told to offer their assistance. The small town was turned instantly into what seemed to be a war zone.

The sky that night was a rich midnight blue, the clouds were hiding the moon and stars as if they were tucked in for sleep. All at once the atmosphere erupted in fire and the sky burned carmine. The heat of the ship had scorched the lands around the field that it had crashed. A young boy who lived not far from there watched as his father said his goodbye to go help with the fight. Everyone seemed to believe these beings were here to kill us, and take over the planet. The boy watched out his window as his father's back slowly faded from his sight his stomach full of butterflies worried his dad wouldn't return.
As an unknown battle raged miles away the boy sat diligent watching the large craft where he knew his father was battling. Suddenly the child saw something small run past the window, it looked like a boy his age, though a bit different. Without realizing the boy was outside running towards the shed where he had seen the other boy run and hide. Inside the other boy was sitting shivering his body was wet, and he looked frightened. This was where both their lives were forever changed.

Plot bunny 2:

Forced to live together due to strange circumstances? One running from a secret the other too afraid to say no. Is it because one could literally tear the other limb from limb? Perhaps, but would he?

Plot bunny 3: Mysophobia and a sex worker?

Lonely men who don't know how to meet people in public often use websites to meet others. It's pathetic to pay to chat with people, or even us tinder to meet or at least that's what this man thinks as he types his user name in. All he wants is to meet someone who will care about him and not mind how terrified he is of stepping outside his own door. He has Mysophobia, or fear of germs. Making it so hard for him to meet someone who won't mind that he wont touch you.

Another man works for a chat service, talking to men for money. You aren't allowed to meet them- just talk but something pulls him in to this man he's talked to for months. They talk so easily, and though he shouldn't care something inside him is pulling him to meet this mystery guy. He'd lose his job if he did so what should he do to get this thought out of his mind?

Plot bunny 4 cheshire/hatter:

Mad as a hatter a term that has been passed down for as long as anyone could remember, now it was a code name for a group of different men. Society had put lunatics to work using them as basically free labor instead of treating them in hospitals as they had years ago. Now 'Hatters' were mentally ill or extremely violent criminals who they sent in to take care of the most dangerous of criminals. Those who did as told and lived long enough received benefits for such work. They could get homes of their own, medication if lucky and were given rations of food to sustain them until the next time they were needed. Some were a lost cause going in completely deranged trying to handle delicate situations with no luck and dying to the hands of whomever they were to take into custody. There were other's like 21236 who was so famous for his work that he'd been in the news showing that the governmental use of mentally ill patients was working as it should.

Cheshire a crime organization with the calling card of a smile as you died was rampant in the city. They murdered, stole money and handed out drugs to any who would buy. They directly opposed work through the Hatter project by intentionally making some sort of smoke grenade that they set off during raids that killed you with laughter and a literal smile across your face. They were one of the largest syndicates in the city and every one was on high alert to put an end to the madness. Who ran the Cheshire group? Was it someone at the top?

Was it someone rich and famous? Nobody seemed to know yet- but that was until 21236 was on the job he would find whoever it was at the top and kill them. His twin sister had recently died in the field and unfortunately for them, he had a bit of a obsessive personality. When he found them he would kill them.

Sample of my writing skills:

It is easy to forget manners when you are the ‘prince’ of a multi-national fashion company. When your family's name is known far and wide. Growing up being groomed and prepped for taking over when your father is gone, a father who built his dynasty with his own bare hands from the ground up. Along the way when you have so many falling at your feet to keep in good graces, you lose a bit of yourself along the way. Even though many would find such a life of constant worship and adoration something to be revered: Felix found it lonely at times.

The bright sunlit view from his father’s corner office, the bustling of people as Gabriel barked his orders a constant and annoying chatter that he’d grown so used to. Yet as he stared out he found no solace in his surroundings, or his fame and fortune. It was a heavy, burdening duty to be the son his father needed him to be. Someone harsh, demanding of perfection and excellence - someone groomed to be unshakable- someone like Gabriel.

“Mr. Bernard, your next appointment is here.” Came a mouse-like voice to his right. Yet he pretended not to hear it.

He could see from his peripherals her shuffle anxiously, “sir..”

“I heard you the first time.” His voice was quiet yet- the way he spoke he watched her jump into action. He like his father- brought nothing but fear to others.

Fear that he would be displeased, a fear that she could upset him. Yet, Felix felt nothing but annoyance that his words seemed to shake everyone to their core, even when he meant nothing by them. Yet- this was how his life had been and would continue to be, and though he wanted nothing more than to see just one bit of true and honest kindness instead of blind devotion, he’d long shoved it deep down inside himself.

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Re: What to do? M f& MM Searchings!

Post by padfoot; » Tue Oct 03, 2017 11:16 pm

Well, you know I'm always up for rping with you. :3 Do you want to revisit something we've done in the past or start something new?

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Re: What to do? M f& MM Searchings!

Post by opalsunrise23 » Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:31 pm

padfoot; wrote:
Tue Oct 03, 2017 11:16 pm
Well, you know I'm always up for rping with you. :3 Do you want to revisit something we've done in the past or start something new?
Anything you wanna do lmk I would love to :)

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