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Limi's Search (mxm)

Post by Limitless » Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:31 pm

Not a very interesting title I know, but it is what it says on the tin?

I am not looking to rp smut at present, but should the rp develop into such, I play switches. Just so that's out of the way.

I can sit and work out a plot if needs be, but otherwise I'm happy to roll with the punches and see what happens.

"Not all men seek rest and peace;
Some are born with the spirit of the storm in their blood, restless harbingers of violence and bloodshed, knowing no other path."

— Robert E. Howard

I'd like to preface the search part by saying that I would really really like to try my hand at writing (slightly angsty) Thor during or post Ragnarok. I loved the movie to bits and I really want to play in the verse (perhaps disregarding the post-credits scene if needs be). I don't ship him with anyone particularly either, so any characters would be welcome.

Otherwise I'd also kill for a Resident Evil (gameverse) rp with someone playing against my Leon Kennedy. I haven't seen Vendetta yet, but it could be set anywhere up to that point. I ship him with Chris Redfield but I'm happy to play against any character.

I'd also like to play my Miqo'te WoL if anyone's into FFXIV. He's a nice enough guy, only he's vessel to the Primal Griever.

Otherwise I'm looking for anything med/fant including but not limited to (with my preferred role in italics):

My rp sample is as follows:

The warning was received loud and clear but the brunet felt vaguely insulted that Seifer thought that such a thing would be necessary. They hadn’t been parted for so long that Squall would forget just how Seifer liked to make him fight for every little thing. Given the circumstances of the blond’s status too, that he felt the need to present the cutting edge of the blade to Squall made him vaguely angry.

The slow clap, the sarcasm as well, it was all meant to get under his skin, as always.

So as always, Squall didn’t rise to it. Nor did he react to the sight of the blond; a far cry from the well-kept, immaculately groomed cadet he once was.

“If I really wanted to find you Seifer, I could have done so long ago,” he replied blandly. And not just because of the resources at his disposal, utterly unwanted as they were. Admittedly Fisherman’s Horizon would not have been the first place he thought to look, however it most certainly wouldn’t have been the last.

“Just how long did you think you could hide here before Dobe wanted you out? Your being here puts his precious pacifism at risk.”

So far his own weapon remained at his hip, not only because he wasn’t there just to pick a fight with his eternal rival but also because if he started a fight on Mayor Dobe’s turf, the despicable little man would never let Squall or SeeD anywhere near FH again. Not that Squall particularly wanted to visit again himself.

Hopefully after this, he wouldn’t have to.

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Re: Limi's Search (mxm)

Post by padfoot; » Fri Dec 08, 2017 6:41 am

I haven't seen Thor yet, but I might be interested in writing Bruce once I've watched it (shippy or non shippy IDC). They're dynamic is something I wanna explore.

That said, either way, I would definitely want to pick something up with you otherwise regardless! I'm interested in doing something with the RoyalxSoldier pairing if you're up for it.

Aside from that, I've been wanting something to do with dragons/dragon riders/shape shifting dragon-human, etc. And something to do with the fae would be cool!

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Re: Limi's Search (mxm)

Post by Limitless » Fri Dec 08, 2017 11:30 am

Hit me up once you do see it and I'll absolutely be up for working something out for Thor!

Otherwise we can either do RoyalxSoldier or combine it with dragons/riders/etc. Fae I'm not entirely familiar with unfortunately. But I'm game to do the above. Drop me a pm and we can work something out.

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