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Post by Fever-Induced » Thu Sep 28, 2017 4:29 am

i’m just a 25 year old chick trying to figure out her life. i’ve got a college degree, been working for two and a half years and unhappy at my facility despite a recent promotion. so i’ve decided to go back to school and take business classes bc why the hell not 🤷🏼‍♀️

a little about myself.. i want to save the world and everyone i meet. it’s literally impossible though so i have to settle for being a good friend and doing volunteer work. and writing. lots of writing. i can’t always manage to keep up with large group RPs though i do enjoy them when they’ve got a rather simple plot and small niche of characters. mainly i’ll stick to one x one RPs and usually have a couple characters in them. in my spare time i’m on tumblr, catching up on TV shows or throwing down a bathbomb from my extensive collection and boiling myself in the bathtub until the water goes cold.

as for RP preferences, i mostly enjoy FxF pairs bc reasons. i dabble into FxM taking on either gender. but if there’s no chance of FxF i’m probably not interested bc that’s my main go-to. I rarely do MxM, nothing against it, I just find it hard getting in the mindset of the characters for some reason.

yeah that’s all i’ve got for now. and just call me Fever i guess
[+] Writing Sample
She lifted her eyes and found one of the most beautiful sights before her. A meadow, unlike any other she had seen before. Spanning as far and wide as a football field, the edges were composed of towering trees, mist hindering her from seeing beyond them.

But she stood in the center, knee deep in an array of flowers and bushes. She wished she had a vocabulary large enough to write sweet, beautiful poetry about such a landscape. But knew such was impossible, her paints and artistic hand would have to suffice.

The buds came in an array of fascinating colors, the likes of which she had never seen before. The lightest of blues and softest of purples, some flowers even having a metallic silver lining on the edges of their petals. How strangely wonderful! she thought to herself.

The moment she took a step forward and felt the silkiness of the flower petals between her fingers, the scene began to transform. A vicious wind tore through the meadow, stirring up the mist, which once had been light and silvery now became thick and hot.

The air she gasped scorched her throat, leaving her parched. With wide eyes she watched the distant trees grown even larger, and broader until they formed mountainous peaks and chill-inducing cliffs. The previously calm sky became overrun with ominous clouds, dark with the threat of rain that never came.

Fear had her frozen, unable to react as the ground cracked, and split, mounds rising from the ground, leaving shadows in their wake. And in these shadows bright yellow eyes blinked back at her, some large, others small, most with slits for pupils.

All were focused on her, as if knowing she did not belong.

A thunderous crack resounded in her ears, leaving them ringing as the floor beneath her split open to swallow her whole. She reached out too late to grab onto the edge, and plummeted downwards.

By the time her body caught up to her mind and she cried out in terror, her body had already woken up from her dream, convulsing as she shot upwards into a sitting position.

Heavy breaths sawed in and out of her aching throat, tears leaking from her eyes as she trembled. It was near impossible to calm herself, especially since the dryness in her throat made such a nightmare feel so real.

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Re: greetings!

Post by opalsunrise23 » Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:06 pm

Nice to see you around again Fever! <3

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Re: greetings!

Post by padfoot; » Tue Oct 03, 2017 11:12 pm

Nice to know you're sticking around, what with the move we've had! :D

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