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mile high space club [R]

Post by mango haze » Thu Sep 28, 2017 1:01 am

I was going to have sex with an astronaut.

It's not like I sat down in January with my planner and said, "So, in May I'll schedule this affair in."

November 20th definitely wasn't marked down, at least the last time I checked. The only reminder was for "work: 9:30 - 5:30", and to be honest, I really dreaded that 9 to 5 drag.

The rocket ranch was in full blown Christmas mode. Tinsel and greenery, present props and cute niches. It's a Marshmallow world, baby sweetheart. Only that it's still a balmy 75 degrees and the tourists are dangling their baby over an alligator's head.

"Mary, are you there?"

The security guard who walked so slowly in front of me picked up her radio.

"Yeah, I'm here."

"We need you over in lot 4, the tourists are feeding the pond gator something."

The woman sighed and looked at me, so tired, "And it's only 9:30."

Shit. 9:30 already? I didn't want to be late. I held my badge towards the security guard and the front door clicked open. By the time I rounded the corner of lockers, the usual clock-in rush was in mid-swing. Beep, beep, beep. Cue the casual pre-work conversation.

"Did you hear Joe died the other day?"

"Joe died?!"


"Yeah, they kept radioing him on the bus and he never responded, so they sent someone else to check on him and he was dead."

It was a crying shame, but a good number of employees were getting up there. Working at this place until death though... that's another story.

People had loyalty to the rocket ranch. Hard to believe with how they treat us. It was a chaotic place-- us against the thousands of tourists. Us against the upper management. If we didn't stick together, the place would never survive. Not even the managers could run the place by themselves.

My older friend, Steven, stood at the glass door, propping it open and letting the fresh air breeze by.

"And what program may you be running today?"

I reached on the tips of my toes to prop my lips against his cheek, careful not to leave too much lipstick.

"Well, if everything goes as planned, which it never does... just camp."

"Ah, so will you be in the Atlantis building around the same time as me? I'll be escorting James around today for the Afternoon With An Astronaut."

"Oh, nice. That's always fun."

Back to the daily grind. He waved good-bye, clutching a stuffed space shuttle underneath his arm as he hurried off to the astronaut office.

I squeezed into the middle of our education group and smiled, "So, we heading out to get our kiddos?"

Jen nodded, "Yeah, we were just waiting on you. And talking about how astronaut Wendy Lloyd got 3 questions about poop and 1 question about diarrhea."

My mouth hung open, "Hah! You mean, like, during a Q and A?"

"During our last program."

We walked while passing out paperwork and finding someone to hold the medical bag.
Our school groups of eager sixth graders would be waiting for us by the front gates.

Our group of students came from the parking lot, twirling in circles with their Spiderman and Star Wars backpacks. They became little centrifuges of excitement. I figured that they had enough energy to make it to the Moon and back. They were from 5th grade and their teachers swore that they spent the last 2 months studying all about the space shuttle and Mars.

Great. Meaning, you taught them everything ahead of time so that nothing is a surprise.

One of those gigs.

With the clap of a hand, the children lined up into rows of 20. We split them into groups, each Educator getting about 45 children to rope around the rocket ranch. These kids were full of processed snacks and juice. So far, they were the quickest group I've ever had get through security. I wanted to give the chaperons a big hug. Maybe today wouldn't be so bad.

My group of 45 meandered their way to the water fountains and bathrooms. Slowly but surely, we could do this. All together, now!

Sometimes I wish I could clone myself or something, because chasing 22 giggling girls out of the bathroom stalls is just not easy.

They wiggled when asked to get back into a line, where they held brochures to shield their eyes from the sun. The chaperons began to count as I occupied their attention span with today's itinerary.

"Today, we'll be seeing space shuttle Atlantis and then we get to have a Question and Answer session with a real astronaut! His name is James Huntington, so put on your thinking caps and think of some really good questions. After lunch, we'll be going over to the Apollo Center to do a special truss build..."

Suzy turned to her friend and started whispering. 44 other whispers immediately followed. Apparently the truss build was some real competition. It was almost like sacred territory.

Fuck the astronaut. We want the truss build.

I grinned, "Are we ready to go? Remember, just to be safe, I need all space cadets to stay behind me."

I turned my back, trusting my faith into the chaperons. All we had to do was see the orbiter and take the kids on the space shuttle ride. Teachers are the ultimate optimists.

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Re: mile high space club [R]

Post by mango haze » Thu Sep 28, 2017 1:09 am

Rare are the days of good chaperons and well behaved children. They wore matching polo shirts, all the same color red. Even better, they were easy to find! These teachers were really doing me a solid.

My children filed into the dim theater room, sitting on the ground in unison. Little girls held hands or started to braid hair. Boys started to fling water bottles like no tomorrow and it was safe to say that it didn't last long. 2017 was the time of confiscated water bottles. Who would have guessed?

It was a good call on the teacher's behalf. By the time the fifth graders settled down, my friend Steven came through the door. Behind him was the familiar blue flight suit, and a number of tourists. A small group of 30. Steven, ever so the gentleman, held his arm to the seating that I left reserved for adults. Him and James Huntington found a dark corner against the wall and leaned against it. When the movie began to play, Steven left his spot and made a bee-line towards me.

"This is the Astronaut group and none of them speak english."

I had to cover my mouth to cover up my laughter, "Oh god. Yeah, I'm not sure what to say about that. What language?"


"Ouch... I can speak some Chinese but nothing to help. I'm know James can do the Cherokee-thing, but probably not Chinese."

Steven shrugged, "Well, what can you do. He just talks and they like to listen and take pictures. You know how I feel about it, we need more Americans here taking interest. What does the company care? As long as they're getting paid."

I rested my hand against his shoulder in a comforting gesture.

"I should be going back." He left abruptly.

A lot of us liked to shoot the shit at work, but Steven was ever so vigilant. Easy to spot with the white and black attire, he never strayed too far from his groups and never took risks. He was too good for a place like this.

The movie ended and lights flashed on, beaconing tourists to step through the doors into the next movie. This place was made out of a lot of movies, but this one was the most impressive. The Atlantis reveal.

My kids were quick to run to the front of the room, sitting as close as possible to the reveal doors. I couldn't ask for better behavior in front of James. Even better, it made me look good. For all I know, I could have got stuck with the other group which was dealing with running, screamers and spitting. I reached to my hip to check for the radio volume.

Good. Everything was a little too perfect. Maybe I should start getting a little freaked out.

The doors in the back of the room close and the movie pans towards the launch of STS-1. Clouds fill the screens around the room and show Columbia, Enterprise, Challenger, Discovery and Atlantis. The children gazed up with open mouths as they flew through the International Space Station and went off towards Mars. The vertigo carried the viewers' eyes away into this fantasy-like world.

After more than a year of working at the rocket ranch, I was more interested in reactions than the movie itself. James stood in the back of the room with me and I wondered...

He must have felt my eyes. As a scene passed, he gravitated closer, enough to hear me ask, "Does it feel good to be able to see the orbiter you rode into space?"

James had dark eyes, which briefly swept over my face, "Oh, every time. It's always a well done show. One of the only things done right at this place."

We shared a quiet laugh.

The fanfare blared and the star curtain rose to reveal the black and white orbiter. Steven turned on his microphone and guided his Mandarin group to a 20 minute orbiter walk-down... all in English. James looked like he'd seen it all now.

We had our own things to do. This is when the real work starts. I brought my children together to go through the curriculum for the day and guide them through the museum alive.

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Re: mile high space club [R]

Post by mango haze » Thu Sep 28, 2017 1:13 am

It was 11 when we made it to the simulator. Children were so eager, they jumped like beans and thrusted their hands into the air. I really do wish I could tap into some of that energy. It's like a superpower for them. I can't remember what it's like.

Cue another movie. This one blew smoke and flashed lights. My red shirt angels plugged their ears at the loud parts and giggled at the appropriate funny bits. Whew. Somehow, they managed to pass all of the tests with flying colors. Maybe I could really let my guard down for the rest of the day.

I was expecting some of the kids to opt out. It's dark, it's scary. I don't understand, I just don't want to go on.

Even the cutest girl with the pigtails jumped onto a spot in line. Not one child opted out. I laughed as the bin filled up with their backpacks and water bottles.

"Wow, all my cadets are riding today! That's what I like to see."

Enthusiasm at it's finest. These kids were ready to roll, and now, it was time for me to get a 15 minute break.

I pushed the bin pass a set of double doors and into a dark hall way. When the ride was finished, the doors to the pod would open and all of my happy faced and hopefully not screaming cadets will all come out. I left the bin in front of the doors, in a hard to miss place. Waiting here was my favorite place.

The dark hallway opened into a dome, where the pathway spiraled down "back to Earth". The ceiling was spotted with winking stars, mesmerizing and even relaxing. I didn't mind the break.

James was there at the edge, his fingers on a watch, "Guess our schedules are running parallel today."

"Oh, more than likely..." I looked down at the Earth, feeling tired. I just needed to catch my breath. Then, maybe I could blush at his closeness.

James Huntington and I met last year, followed by an e-mail that promised coffee lead to a rushed encounter. He just didn't have the time. James was a retired shuttle astronaut. It was a one-shot deal. But, even if it was once, you were a celebrity when you came over to the rocket ranch. The astronaut of the day was always a well sought out person. With all of the people he'd seen and faces pass everyday, even after a year went by...

"You look familiar, where do I know you from, darling?"

I let the word sink in, making me feel heavy. Christ. Did he know what he was doing?

I laughed, whole-heartedly. I wasn't blowing him off. I was actually fascinated, "We briefly met last year. You mentioned coffee, but we never had any.

"I couldn't help myself. I said this while almost challenging him, drawing out his dark gaze.

"Mm, I remember. You were the girl who was so interested about my education work. I'll make time for you. Are you busy?"

"After I do this, no."

He was coming closer, "There are a lot of people in town because of the induction ceremony this weekend. You probably know the area better than me."

I was trying not to turn red, not that it'd matter in the darkness of the star room.

"Do you want to go to the port?"

James grinned, "As long as I drive."


"Of course!"

We didn't have much time left. I could hear the speakers behind us, keeping the time. Less than a minute left. My thoughts were flying a mile a minute. My legs were rubbery, my mouth felt dry.

"Come by the astronaut office when you're done. I finish autographs at 5."


The doors opened and the sounds of children flooded the hallway. I gave a secret smile to James before I turned away. I felt his eyes burning into my back, but couldn't understand how as our uniform isn't the most flattering.

My children lined up against the wall while James went back to his Mandarin group. He would say good-bye and then head over to the encounter theater for our Q & A. Meanwhile, I had to mentally pinch myself. Did I just make a date? A date with an astronaut?

Christ, yes, I did.

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Re: mile high space club [R]

Post by mango haze » Thu Sep 28, 2017 1:16 am

It was still sinking in when we came into the theater. I wasn't all that there. Children filled in the first and center rows, bouncing in their seats. James, damn him, was standing innocently in a darker spot, his hands wrapped around a water bottle. I remembered his presentation from last year. It was very engaging, both culturally and introspectively. Somehow, he started out as a hippy, but society spat him out as an educated closet-hippy. Between you and I, closet-hippy is something that I closely relate myself to. I wondered if he'd like to smoke a joint and listen to the Dead.

Maybe I could ask on our date.

I sat in the back with the other Educators while James went to the stage to talk about his mission. Not only was he amazing and patient with children, but I swear, he was tormenting me. So secretly, so subtly. His eyes seemed to hover in my direction. I couldn't help but to wonder if the air conditioning was on. Was I really doing this? Was I really going to do this?

Yes. Hell yes.

I couldn't think about anything else. I was worried that I'd look like shit by the end of the day. During their truss build (finally!), I kept thinking about touching up my make-up or reapplying my plum lip color.

A group of children handed me their worksheet, their team name sprawled across the top: "SPACE HARAMBE".

"Really, guys? Space Harambe? You know what, whatever."

I didn't want to be too tired for my astronaut date. My feet were burning and sore, my throat was scratchy from shouting so that all my cadets could hear. Even if they were a good group, the entire ordeal was just always exhausting, but worthwhile. A little girl wrapped her arms around my waist before she left for their school bus. It meant that my mission for the day was accomplished.

But, I felt like there was still so much to do. I fought back a headache and chugged water on the ride back to the rocket ranch. After we clocked out, I headed into the bathroom to finally pee. I gave a loud sigh in the stall as I re-applied my lip color. At least my period had just ended. Having that happen now would have been a major inconvenience.

I stepped away from the mirror. I thought I looked good. Even wearing slacks, my hips still showed, even my small breasts stood out. I didn't want to keep James leaving. Maybe he wasn't even serious.

I was starting to doubt myself as I walked to the office. When I reached the door, I knew there was no turning back.

I knocked on it and James emerged from the other side.

"Here's what we can do, my dear. You go home, I go to my hotel. We can clean ourselves of this filth and go out."

I lowered my head, thinking about how ridiculous this all was, "That sounds perfect."

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Re: mile high space club [R]

Post by mango haze » Thu Sep 28, 2017 1:19 am

When I got home, I showered, hot drops of water pouring in between my breasts. My skin turned red and everything felt normal again. My feet groaned and my legs moaned. It wasn't fair that I was feeling so worn for what was going to be a really good time.

Truth was, I wanted it to be a really good time. I thought of the way that he looked at me across the theater and I realized how much I actually liked it. I wanted to feel vain. To make him unable to stop staring. Was it so wrong of me?

I applied a black cat eye to wink with and painted my lips plum again. It was a dark look, something that I thought could woo any man. Sitting on the edge of my bed, I rubbed my legs with Tahiti Paradise lotion and dabbed a solid perfume against my neck and both wrists. I knew dressing would be the worst part. When I opened my drawers, I focused mostly on dresses and I criticized each one.

When I got home, I showered, hot drops of water pouring in between my breasts. My skin turned red and everything felt normal again. My feet groaned and my legs moaned. It wasn't fair that I was feeling so worn for what was going to be a really good time.

Truth was, I wanted it to be a really good time. I thought of the way that he looked at me across the theater and I realized how much I actually liked it. I wanted to feel vain. To make him unable to stop staring. Was it so wrong of me?

I applied a black cat eye to wink with and painted my lips plum again. It was a dark look, something that I thought could woo any man. Sitting on the edge of my bed, I rubbed my legs with Tahiti Paradise lotion and dabbed a solid perfume against my neck and both wrists. I knew dressing would be the worst part. When I opened my drawers, I focused mostly on dresses and I criticized each one.

Not cute enough. That one has a hole I haven't fixed. That one is too old. That one is too girlish.

I moved away from the idea of wearing a dress. In the corner of a drawer was a rather intricate top from the local thrift store. It was beaded with gold in swirls and flowers, tied together with delicate strands with an open back. The bottom half of the top was translucent, the halves that covered my breasts were light. It was perfect. I paired it with a black skirt that was open in the front but long in the back.

The woes and wins of fashion. I placed a gold chain around my neck before leaving. I sat down in my bedroom and smoked some marijuana before he came. James was already here and the wintry November sun was already set. At least, I felt anonymous when I climbed into his corvette. A cold blue color reflected against my chest, the space in between my breasts catching the light.

He was grinning when I came in and went speeding down the street. I suppose that you could do whatever the hell you please when you're an astronaut. I looked at James, catching him staring. I couldn't help but to smile. I pulled out a cognac cigarello and he rolled down the windows.

"By the way, you're beautiful." We were already half way there. I sucked in smoke and blew it through the crack of the window.

"Thank you... you're not bad looking yourself." Just kidding. James was dreamy. I really enjoyed the wrinkles by his eyes the most. He always looked so honest, sucking me in deeper and deeper.

We wound up at the outdoor bar on the water. There was a sand pit, chairs and a dock. It was dark when we made our entrance, James lingering close behind. We went to the bar in the back, standing close to the water. I just wanted a bay breeze. He ordered a Yuengling.

Oh... this man... he made me feel like a queen. The way his eyes peeked down towards my body, his attention never wavering. His warm hand appeared on the small of my back while the drinks slid our way. Maybe I under estimated just how close he was. James smiled as he grabbed the beer and leaned in.

"You smell really good."

I immediately turned and headed away. He followed, sick and lost, the same smile still on his face. He trailed at the end of my skirt, slow and casual in his button up. So tropical for November.

"Do I?" I finally answered him and started to sip through a straw, "Did it ever smell good in space?"

He leaned against the wooden railing of the dock, "Not fucking once."

I laughed and almost spit out some bay breeze, "Would you ever go back?"

"In a heart beat."

There was a lull in the conversation. The last cruise ship was slipping from it's spot and heading out into the channel. People from the upper decks were waving and dancing, taking pictures and having the time of their lives. And me? Well, here I was on an actual date with an astronaut. I thought I knew what I was doing, but I realized that I really didn't.

I was half-way to thirty and like to pretend that I know what I'm doing. Sometimes people believe it. Men like James do in a heartbeat. When I was half-way through my bay breeze, I realized that I wanted him. It was so wrong, but so true. I was imagining horrible things. I mean, nothing was really... horrible. I was wondering if he was like a stallion? Or was he gentle and slow? Was he a lazy lover?

"I thought it was lonely in space, but it's lonely when I come down here, too."

My face was close to his, our voices quiet. We must have been a silhouette against the dark cruise ship. It was amazing how quiet such a gigantic ship could be. Reggae top hits played at the bar.

"I know it is..." Was there anything else to say? The astronauts who came were badgered and bothered for hours on end.

We both knew why we were here. One thing mindlessly lead to another and I just kept saying "Sure, why not?"

But, it wasn't just "Sure, why not?" anymore. James was an astronaut, but even better, he was a real person. His breathing timed with mine, the breath from his nose going down the pocket of my neck. I realized that he was waiting for my gentle reply. Could I really keep him waiting? The world was spinning when his fingers touched the chain around my neck. I must have kept him waiting too long...

I tried to keep from moaning when he burrowed into my neck, kissing nowhere in particular. There was no way he was a mind reader and found out about my weakest spot. He suckled for a moment, rose for air, then moved onwards, surveying certain places with a closer eye. I was melting when he hovered close to my lips.

"Have you ever done this before?"

I seemed to push away, playfully, "Not with an astronaut."

James had a hand once again at my lower back, his thumb tracing back and forth, melding me into him.

"Do you want to come back with me? I have a room on the beach... it's a new moon. You can hear the waves."

It was so cute to hear him get excited. I promised him that I wanted to come, after we finished our drinks. So much for coffee, but this was way better than coffee.

Everything around us got quiet and velvety, "Of course I want to. That's why I'm here."

We couldn't stand it anymore. Our thoughts aligned with how much we wanted each other, at least for tonight. When James came close again, I let my thoughts hush for now. I parted my lips to let him inside, our tongues meeting and making me feel so out of control. The world could have been on fire and it wouldn't have mattered. It may have been the bay breeze helping me talk, but I was fully aware when my hand slipped against his stomach, feeling him and feeling good while I did it.

I wanted to fall over from being so dazed when we caught our breaths, "Hnm... James, I want you."

My panties were sticky, my outer lips were warm and flushed. Everything was happening that made a woman ready. I wasn't a stranger to sex, but I was new to the astronaut club. We were going to have to leave. James was getting hard-- I felt him growing against my leg. I imagined myself on top, taking him and moaning in the sea air, my hips grinding back and forth on his girth.

Neither of us cared about tomorrow. My cup was full of melted ice by the time we left.

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Re: mile high space club [R]

Post by mango haze » Thu Sep 28, 2017 1:23 am

This has been a long day.

That's the only thing that I can really concentrate on when I lower myself into his blue corvette. I've been doing a good job pretending that I'm not tired or that my feet are on fire.

I was trying not to let the mood float away as he raced against yellow lights. Such the show off.

James made 55 the new 28.

The trip to the hotel was farther than I expected. I finished half of a cigarello and let it burn out in his tray. We drove closer to Cocoa Beach and pulled into a resort that still had a parking lot pool. I laughed with amusement when he whipped into an empty space.

"Parking lot pool and tennis. This is what tourists like to do? Play tennis on top of a parking garage when it's 90 out?"

James joined me, "Wasn't my idea, babe."

He took my hand as we walked towards the lobby, "I'm sure glad I have some company tonight, at least."

Air conditioning brushed against us and made miniature goosebumps on my arms. The lobby had televisions displaying fish tanks and a round rock fountain. It smelled like chlorine. The tourists were crossing our path with paddles and ping pongs, beach balls and cheap Bud Lites.

He took us to a silver elevator, which was considerate enough to open immediately to hide my yawn.

I was so sorry. I had to admit it.

"I'm pretty tired from today."

James gave a defeated laugh, the corners of his eyes wrinkled, "Are you admitting defeat? I'm tired too."

Floor 2...

"Are you tired, lover?"

Floor 3.

I felt it again, my lips parted open and there was electricity between my legs. I couldn't even respond.

My breaths were so short and shallow when his hands wrapped around my neck, almost lovingly.
His fingers moved towards the back of my ears when his lips followed the places he found. I hated it, how he did this sort of thing, how he read me like an open book. A man adept of flight, science and women.

I let him touch me, however he wanted, when he wanted. I kept my hands by my side, empty from him. It was a little bit of a game on my part, to see how long he'd last.

Floor 4.

"I have a good idea."

Floor 5.

The elevator stopped and let us out into the breezeway. The lights from the next island over glimmered in the cooler air. I took James' hand as he led me to room 206.

"What?" I was borderline concerned...

He opened the door to a lavish timeshare, "I'll fill up the hot tub for us."

I laughed, "Now you're talking."

He dropped his keys on an island in the kitchen and swiftly moved to the fridge for another Yuengling, "You want anything? Actually, I only have Yuengling."

"I don't want to mix beer with that baybreeze." My lips pouted together.

"That's fine." The cap twisted off and he tossed it into the bin. "The big bathroom is in here..."

We headed deeper into this palace. It was a two bedroom, two bath room, complete with an oceanside patio. He opened the sliding glass door so that the sound of waves flooded inside. A tunnel of fresh, salty wind reached every corner of the main room.

The bedroom was dark, only the almost full moon was the only source of light. He flipped on the bathroom light and made a noise, "Sorry for the mess."

I heard the specific sound of glass clinking together and peered into the bathroom. There was a little chillum pipe that I saw next to the sink. I laughed and made fun of him, "What are you doing, you stoner."

James didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "Well, do you care?"

"Hell no, leave it out."

I knew that almost everyone around these parts smoke weed. Space X employees? They smoke weed. How else do you figure out how to get a rocket to land? The people who helped glue the tiles on the bottom of the orbiter? They smoked weed. We need creative minds to go above and beyond...

I wasn't too surprised.

"Let's smoke on the porch." I tugged on his hand.

"Wait, wait. Let me load it here so it doesn't fly away out there..."

Fair enough.

I waited on a plastic chair, my hair feeling thick with salt already. The sound of running water came from the bathroom. The light turned off and then on again. James probably forget we were going back in that room.

He was so cute, so giddy when he stepped onto the porch. He handed me the pipe and an American flag lighter.

"I think girls who smoke are hot."

"Really?" I'll be sure to take the biggest hit of my life. I do every time when someone offers me free weed.

The burn bowled half-way and I hope I impressed him when I let the smoke drift from my nostrils.

"You're a doll." He sat there with an undistinguishable smile when I handed him the pipe.

I was feeling good again. The tiredness of the day slipped off of me. I playfully propped my feet into his lap. James looked down at my sandals and found the zippers. He dropped the sandals and held my feet in his bare hands.

"I was on my feet all day, too. All over again tomorrow. Do you work tomorrow?"

"I do, actually..." I really didn't want to think about it.

When he coughed, smoke escaped from his lips.

The neighbors upstairs were playing UB40 and I couldn't ask for anything more cliche.

I decided it was time to stop playing this game on my part. I lifted my feet from his legs and got up. I crawled into his lap, straddling him while he tried to figure out a way to finish his hit. He sucked in the smoke and moved forward, his hand cupping my ass while he placed the pipe on the table. It rolled over and some burnt ash dusted a spot.

My panties were soaked. I'd wonder if he'd feel it against his leg. I grinded myself down into his warmth.

I knew he was going to be the type who wanted to do a little bit of voyeurism. I didn't mind. He was enjoying himself as much as the older couple who drank red wine on the patio next to us. To be fair, it was dark out and the patios were each blocked by concrete walls.

His voice lowered as his fingers traced against the neckline of my temptress top, "I think you look sexy as hell in this, but how the hell do I get it off..."

I laughed whole-heartedly and loudly, "You can figure out god knows what for your mission, but can't figure out a top?"

His cheeks may have been red from the Yuengling, "I only want to see your beautiful breasts."

Of course. I took his hand and led it up. His fingers traced a collar bone and disappeared to my neck again. He pulled on the delicate strings and I felt them fall down my back. The top stayed in place and he looked with slight disappointment. I led his hand back to my thigh, for him to rest. His thumb began to stroke back and forth again.

I wasn't expecting this man to be such a lover. I figured it'd be a one-shot deal, much like his career. A little harsh, but the truth.

I thought this would be some wild, out of control, drunken night. Complete with a still somewhat drunk day at work tomorrow. Ha-ha, so can I tell you about the time I fucked an astronaut? Apollo girls did it all the time, apparently. You know, it'd be something that I might tell my girlfriend when she'd come to visit me. A complete secret otherwise. A laid-back sort of affair that would never happen again.

In reality, we weren't all that drunk and he wasn't all that so wild.

I began rocking in his lap, following the motion of ocean waves as they sounded in and out.

I was even feeling a little bit embarrassed when I moved the panels of fabric from my chest. I felt like a showgirl, bare to the world. Been there, done that. Stripping myself to a man reminded myself of some bitter memories, but his gaze immediately erased any unease that I felt. I realized he was in complete awe. I realized where we were. On a dark patio on the beach, the calming ocean waves and UB40 singing "Kingstontown". He murmured something in Cherokee, his hands now holding my torso, his lips finding their way against the skin between my breasts. Someone from a few rooms down lit a cigarette that I could smell as his hands cupped my breasts. His flight watch reflected the moonlight for a few seconds.

My nipples weren't as flush as I would have liked them. In the heat, they get so soft and round. Suckable. In the breeze, they seemed smaller and cold. James probably didn't think that way. As I teased in his lap, arched and erect in the moonlight, his reach slowly moved up. My nipples were in between his fingers. He was sculpting me, testing me, just to see how I felt in his grasp.

He removed one hand, leaving a breast cold and lonely as he pressed against my back. He moved me into his mouth, his lips wrapping around a nipple, so hungry. He was holding himself back. I could tell. A gentleman at his finest, as he was in the public, he was slow and patient.

His cock was throbbing against my mound as he took my breast in. My mouth was wide open in a silent moan as he milked me. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I still just couldn't believe this was happening... and.


James jolted as if lightning struck, "I left the water running." And just like that, I hopped off of him, clutching my top, blinking.

I sat down in the plastic chair, half-way dazed. This was more than what I expected it to be. I just didn't expect this sort of thing to happen. I was too lost from his touch, my clit left throbbing and probably swelling. I just didn't know if I could make love to an astronaut.

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