[HP AU] Fool the whole world, just until I get better [jay/18+]

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Re: [HP AU] Fool the whole world, just until I get better [jay/18+]

Post by LadyLizard » Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:07 am

Remus was somewhat glad that he still had a kind of calming effect on Sirius, at least at the present moment. The last thing he wanted was either Sirius or Harry to be uncomfortable, especially considering his relationships with them. He tucked a bit of Sirius' hair back behind his ear, giving him a fond smile despite the circumstances. He couldn't at all blame the two of them for crying, with his own eyes wet. He'd just spent a lot more time grieving and screaming and wailing until all the stories of the Shrieking Shack had come raging back into fashion and he'd had no more tears to give.

Harry's outburst surprised him to no end. "You did what you thought was the right thing, Harry. Hell, if I'd been in your place, I'd have done the exact same, especially when Sirius and I were kids." Whatever he could say to help Harry feel better was worth saying. And when they'd been younger, stupider, he would have done something suitably drastic if he had ever gotten word that Sirius was in trouble. Their love had flared brighter than he'd thought anything could, and Remus had been more than willing to go blind from the sight. He still was, really, he'd just had to hide that love for so long that it still felt strange to look over and see Sirius as if he'd never died at all.

And then, of course, Harry asked the question that had thus far been avoided. "Yeah," he agreed, glancing down at Harry. They could all use with a bit, and some chocolate as well, he shouldn't wonder. He was going to be a part of the entire meeting, if Sirius had anything to say about it, he knew that. Not to mention that he'd hopefully be able to smooth out any issues that might come up. Sirius could be quite temperamental, Remus had never tried to deny that.
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