[18+] let's keep it together [r.]

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[18+] let's keep it together [r.]

Post by padfoot; » Wed Nov 22, 2017 1:18 pm

There wasn't much he could say, right? He was being given the opportunity to be free and relatively safe (with Clint around, you never knew) and wasn't being killed immediately for all the things he had done. Honestly, he was surprised he was even allowed ten feet from the Avengers HQ, never mind actually living there. It wasn't like he hated them, quite the contrary, but it couldn't have been so easy.

Of course, it made sense, in other ways. The best people to keep him in check were other assassins and super powered persons. Who better to stop the Winter Soldier than Captain America and his team of Avengers? Or well, more like Iron Man and his team, now. Steve was on probation just as much as he was. He'd taken the brunt of the punishment for the rest of the team, but Tony had managed to get them off lightly. Even James knew that.

And to be honest, life at the HQ wasn't bad. He was a little stir crazy with Steve following him around like a puppy sometimes but otherwise it was nice. He got his own room, which he had no idea what to do with, and all the food he could eat. Which was a lot, he found out, considering his metabolism. And no one poked and prodded him like Hydra nor did he have to worry about possibly harming anyone with sleeper codes. T'Challa's scientist had pretty much unravelled all they could in his head to stop that from happening.

And on the rare occasion it did happen..the Avengers could handle him.


"Steve, leave me alone," he grumbled, glaring at the blond, who was all but pouting at him from the other end of the sofa in the communal living room.

"What?" The other super soldier had the audacity to look surprised. "I'm not doing anything."

James let his face go slack into a unamused expression.

"My ass, Rogers. You're skulking around after me because you're bored. I get it. Ya missed me. Ya have nothing better to do-"

"That's not true! I want to spend time with-"

"-and need to leave me alone for a while. I can do without the company OK?"

"But Bucky-"

"Rogers, I swear." He glared at Steve's attempt at puppy dog eyes. They would have worked if he hadn't known him better. He was anything but innocent.

"OK just until the movie is over?"

James sighed, running a hand through his hair. "Fine."

Barely before the credits rolled up, James was on his feet, and hightailing it out of there. He heard Steve call out to him but ignored it in favor of walking faster. He didn't even care where he was going. He just needed alone time. He'd become accustomed to being alone for the last two years when he wasn't frozen.

By the time he stopped walking, he realized he'd wound up in probably the only place he hadn't been in before. Stark's lab.

It was an unspoken rule that no one bothered Stark. He avoided everyone except his friend Rhodey, the purple dude (the only thing James was going to ever call him), and he had some sort of five minute rule with Natasha. James didn't blame him, honestly. Especially not about avoiding him.

He'd killed his parents, after all.

That said, he didn't really fancy going anywhere else, and this was probably the one place Steve wouldn't step foot in, in the entire place. And he didn't hate Stark-just didn't really know him very well. He took what Steve told him only half seriously most of the time.

Rounding the corner, he passed the foggy glass doors that opened automatically for him, and hesitantly entered.

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