[18+]I'll bleed for a smile [r. for kitty]

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[18+]I'll bleed for a smile [r. for kitty]

Post by padfoot; » Wed Nov 15, 2017 8:09 am

"Heya' fellas. You stickin' around Old Middy this week?" A young guy in an apron, with a wash cloth over his shoulder, hiked his hip against the table, sharing a smile with them in greeting.

"Nah, Ma' wants me at home. You know how it is," Bucky replied, propping an elbow up on the table, and swirling his straw around in his cup. He practically gave the bus boy, Johnny, a dow eyed look over Steve's head.

The blond scowled but waited until Bucky looked away. "Bucky's helping me move into my new apartment, actually. But maybe we'll see you next week?"

Johnny didn't bother to hide his look of disappointment but nodded and patted Steve on the back.

"Right'o. Sorry to hear about your mom, Steve."

Steve pursed his lips but nodded in thanks and gave his plate of food some attention. Bucky cleared his throat once Johnny left and watched his friend over his milkshake.

"You alright?"

"I'm fine. You should go out with him."

Bucky sighed and grabbed some fries from his plate.

"Yeah right. Bring him home to Ma, shall I? It's enough with her thinking we spend too much time together."

Steve snorted. "Oh please. She loves me."

Bucky slurped his shake, ignoring the napkin Steve threw at him.

"Because she doesn't know the real you, is all. Thinks you're an angel."

"Oh is that what she thinks? Pretty sure the bruise in my ear says different."

"Then you shouldn'a been picking a fight on Sabbath. You know she takes that stuff seriously."

"I didn't pick a fight- that guy was-"

"I know, I know." Bucky grabbed the last fries off his plate and threw some money on the table. "Come on. I don't wanna be late for dinner again. Just cause you live off French fries don't mean all of us do."

"Beats going to the soup kitchen."

"You're welcome to come with me, you know that. Ma will always have extra for you."

"Let's not start this again."



"You're a punk."

"And you're a jerk."


"Bucky! Bucky! Buuuucky! Come quick!"

"Winny will you STOP?! I'm coming, jeez."

Bucky stepped down the stairs, a scowl taking over his features, and stopped short of the landing when he noticed his mother's grave face. His littlest sister was perched on the couch, looking worried, and half hugging their mom by the waist. Mrs. Barnes looked white as a sheet, an envelope and letter in her hand. Her eyes filled with tears when Bucky showed up.

"Ma, what's going on? Are you OK? Is it Aunt Phoebe?"

He came closer, taking the letter, and swallowing thickly when he realized what it was.


He'd been drafted.


He couldn't feel his face.

It was a stupid thing to think, considering he had no idea how he was alive at all, but it was what came to mind. The rest of him felt like it was on fire, his left side aching like something fierce. But he couldn't feel his face. He blinked, the white of the snow making it hard to make out where he was. He could hear the rush of the river over the thudding of his heart beat and he blinked away snow flakes as he tried to focus.

He caught sight of a figure, a dark face against the stark white of the snow, and he had enough mind to wish that he got to see his mom's face one more time, to hug and kiss her, before everything went dark.

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