[R] Take Flight [Padfoot]

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[R] Take Flight [Padfoot]

Post by Limitless » Thu Dec 14, 2017 1:10 pm

"Your Majesty, the dragonriders have returned with news," the aide whispered into the ear of the king after hurrying across the throne room to pass on the information. In the middle of hearing petitions (the cityfolk still needed hearing, even in times of war), the king's expression darkened somewhat in anticipation of the delivery of inevitably bad news whilst hoping yet that something positive had come of sending out his remaining dragonriders.

After dismissing those present that he might hear the report in some privacy, the King gestured for the dragonriders to be permitted entry.

Of the half-dozen elite soldiers who had been sent out to strengthen their lines, only two entered the throne room, both looking rather worse for wear.

"Your Majesty," began on of them, stepping forward and dropping to a knee with his left fist to his right shoulder in salute. "The Northern Reaches have fallen, the villages burn. The enemy has claimed the passes and as we speak, marches on the capital laying waste to everything in their path. The dragons were unable to turn the tide when the enemy deployed troops specifically targeting them. We two are all that remain and but one dragon, wounded to carry us both."

The Kingdom was on the cusp of falling. Even their mighty dragons had been unable to turn back the opposing army and Raf felt the failure keenly. He had not been leader of the dragonriders when they set out, but on their return he was the most senior of the pair who lived so it fell to him to make the report. Quite the sight he must have been too, his dark hair wild and tousled, spotted with blood. He had taken a minor wound to his left arm and side too but even had he been in perfect health he would have looked out of place in the grand throne room.

It wasn't his place to recommend that the royal family surrender or flee but the thoughts were there as he knelt and awaited dismissal or further orders. The whole royal family was there to hear his news and he felt the weight of their gazes bow his shoulders as silence hung over the throne room.

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