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  • High School
    From that weirdo in the back of the class who has too much eyeliner and black lipstick to the preppy, peppy cheerleaders and the bullying jocks. Teenagers with raging hormones exploring their sexuality and finding their first love.

    Boarding school roleplays also belong in this forum.
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  • University/College
    Staying up all night to finish last minute assignments and sleeping until mid-day. Hitting the clubs for the first time and crushing on your messy, annoying roommate. Taking too many classes and drowning in mountains of homework. Class is in session.
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  • Family
    Tottering tykes, unruly kids, rebellious teenagers and exhausted adults. Screaming arguments and slamming doors, sunny days at the beach and picnics in the park. A romance with the boy next door and a step-brother that shows a little too much interest. Welcome to the family.
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  • Other
    Messy housemates, long hours in the office and nights soaked in alcohol. A friendly hook-up at a bar or dinner with a blind date. Any other slice-of-life roleplays go here.
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