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Rule Sections

  • Please Note:

    1. Duplicate accounts are prohibited. If you've forgotten your password and cannot retrieve it via email, contact a staff member to assist you. #
    2. When you're filling out the 'email' field in the registration form, please use your real email account. You will not receive spam and only the administrator will be able to see it. If it's incorrect, you will not receive your initial password or subsequent password requests.#
    3. All members should be 13+. This is a community focused on mature themes and adult content. #
    4. If you do not post within a month of joining, your account may be deleted without further notice. #

  • Icons, Signatures & Profiles

    1. Icons (avatars) must not exceed 100 x 100 px. #
    2. Icons and signatures that are too explicit or offensive in content may be removed at Staff discretion. #
    3. Images are permitted in signatures and member profiles, but please ensure that they're not obnoxiously large and don't stretch the page. #

  • Posting OOC

    1. Please be coherent. Just because you're not roleplaying, it doesn't mean you can starting 'tyepin lyk diz lawl11#K!!'. Ironic chat-speak is permitted. ;D #
    2. Do not double post (this refers to posting once, then posting again without another person contributing in between. If you wish to add to what you've said, press the "edit" button instead). #
    3. Do not hijack threads (especially intro threads). Try to stay on topic. #
    4. Post in the thread that best pertains to your topic. If you are unsure of where to place your thread, contact a staff member. #
    5. Discrimination of any kind (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.) is strictly prohibited. #
    6. Respect fellow members and staff members. Being deliberately antagonistic will get you a warning. #

  • The following is a more concise list of reasons for which you may receive a warning:

    1. General disregard for forum policies #
    2. Disrespecting members and/or staff #
    3. Provocative trolling #
    4. Unapproved advertising #
    5. Repeated double-posting or failure to rate topics #
    6. Criticising forum moderation #
    7. Overtly antagonist behaviour #
    8. Spamming #

  • Posting IC

    1. Literacy is a must. For this purpose, we will define a "literate" post as one with minimal spelling errors, grammatical errors and careless typos. One-liners are also prohibited, as Fragile-Things is for relatively serious roleplayers only - posts must consist of at least five lines (Standard text size. If your text is larger than the default size, you are required to write a larger amount). If you are caught posting less than this, you will be warned. Repeated breeches will result in deletion of your account. #
    2. Plagiarism will result in a severe warning and possible account deletion. #
    3. Roleplays may contain violence, sex scenes, cursing, drama, etc. For this reason, we require members to classify and label them accordingly. Example: [MxM] It's All For You [18+] or [MxF] The Devil In Me [PG-13]. Please note: For the sake of uniformity, the only ratings we accept are: PG-13, 15+ and 18+. Staff may edit these ratings at their discretion. #
    4. Please keep your characters 16+, if they're going to be involved in graphic sexual depictions. #
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