Rules sections

Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Icons and signatures that are too explicit or offensive in content may be removed at Staff discretion. #
    Images are permitted in signatures and member profiles, but please ensure that they're not obnoxiously large and don't stretch the page. #
  2. All members of Fragile-Things must agree to conditions in the Registration Agreement and to the following Board Rules. Failure to do so can result in a permanent ban.

    This site is restricted to members at or above the age of thirteen due to mature content at all times. No restriction to board content unless otherwise mentioned in the following rules. Please Note:
    Duplicate accounts are prohibited. If you've forgotten your password and cannot retrieve it via email, contact a staff member to assist you.
    When you're filling out the 'email' field in the registration form, please use your real email account. You will not receive spam and only the administrator will be able to see it. If it's incorrect, you will not receive your initial password or subsequent password requests.
  3. Spamming

    1. Whether it is roleplay posts or OOC (Out of Character), this is not tolerated. This is also applied to posting in another person's roleplay thread with no intent of joining/without being a member. Please, if you notice something wrong or don't know whether a post is considered spam, alert an admin or site moderator. #
    2. Cross Posting - If you want to talk about a specific topic within general forums, it's best to check before starting a new thread, because someone else may have already done so. Keeping cross posts to a minimum helps stop the place from getting cluttered!

      Double Posting - Don't, please. If you need to add or amend something within a post, feel free to go back and edit, but don't post back to back. When trying to bump a topic, keep in mind that if it's not been more than a day or the post is easily found, then it may be considered spam. Members will see your post, don't worry too much.

      Stay On Topic - Every forum has a name and description, for a reason. Look over the forums and decide which matches what you want to post about. This also goes for individual threads! If your post doesn't make sense within the context of the conversation, it may be deleted. If you want to change the topic, feel free to reply to a matching older thread or make one yourself. #
  4. Posting

    1. All roleplay posts must be at least twelve sentences long (about two paragraphs)

      Titles and Ratings - When posting a new topic, try to include a title that explains what your post is about. For instance, if you start a thread in Suggestions and Queries don't title your post "A quick question.." Instead, perhaps, use something like "How do I find the rules?"

      In regards to ratings, ALL roleplay posts must have a rating on the title and OOC posts need to be tagged as R if the topic includes sex, violence, or drugs. If you're not sure, please contact a mod or admin for help.

      Suggested Ratings:

      G: Open to everyone
      PG-13: 13 years old and up
      R: 15 years old and up
      NC-17/18+: Restricted to Adults ONLY

      Viewer discretion is advised

      Be Respectful - NO harassment, trolling, threats, or abuse is tolerated on Fragile-Things. Especially not due to race, sex, sexual orientation, religion (or lack thereof) or gender identity. If you are targeted or see it happening on a forum, please report it to site staff.

      Posting Etiquette -
      • Plagiarism is not tolerated under any circumstances.
      • No Godmoding or Metagaming allowed. Godmoding could entail either a person controlling other people's characters without permission, performing closed ended attacks or creating a character that is seemingly invincible. Metagaming is when you use OOC knowledge IC (In Character). An example would be knowing another character's name despite your character never having met them or having any prior knowledge about them.
      • No monopolizing anything. The RP world is open and free for everyone and your particular preferences are no one else's unless they choose to use it. There can be a million types of vampires or werewolves, for instance, with all different types of powers. What you RP doesn't dictate what others choose to write.
      • Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation is important! Please, take the time to spell check and edit posts before submitting them. Errors are perfectly understandable, especially if your first language is not English, but don't make it an excuse. Please be coherent. Just because you're not roleplaying, it doesn't mean you can starting 'TTyPin LyK dis11!!'. Ironic chat-speak is permitted, however.
      • Find compatible partners and be upfront about your literacy and writing style/preferences. If you only want to RP in third person, say so! If you know you're not a good speller, warn your partners (and spell check!). If you prefer writing long replies, make sure your partner is aware. Don't assume or expect anything from anyone. Be advised- everyone reserves the right to say no to roleplaying with you, at any time.

      The following is a more concise list of reasons for which you may receive a warning:
      • General disregard for forum policies
      • Disrespecting members and/or staff
      • Provocative trolling
      • Unapproved advertising
      • Repeated double-posting or failure to rate topics
      • Criticising forum moderation
      • Overtly antagonist behaviour

      All rules are subject to change at any time. You'll be notified of any changes via email or PSA. #